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The B.W.E.P. Network is an equity focused organization helping women of color narrow the pay and professional opportunity gap. Our mission is not only to shed a light on the pay disparities of women of color, but to provide the financial, educational, and professional resources necessary to help women of color not only reduce these significant disparities but to increase their opportunities in the industries of their choice. We take a multi-faceted approach to our cause by digging deeper than advocacy to provide members of our network and other individuals from marginalized and lower-income communities dedicated resources contributing to their success on their journey in business or entrepreneurship. We are female and minority founded/run and ceaseless in our commitment to enacting equitable change for Black women and the other communities that need it most!

"The quest for equal pay is about the health of the community as a whole, that being women, with a specific focus on supporting the most vulnerable members.. The quest for equal pay starts with access to education and opportunity."


- Mikki Kendall

  "Hood Feminism: Notes From The Women That

    A Movement Forgot"                  


If you are looking to learn more about equal pay, how to be an ally, and/or find useful resources to guide you on your own journey, read through our Equal Pay 101 slide deck below!


Alysha M. Campbell Stops by the "HR Corner" with Advice For Professionals And Entrepreneurs Looking To Make Their Next Career Move Their Best!

We had the pleasure of speaking with HR Leader and Founder of CultureShift HR, Alysha M. Campbell! In this episode, Alysha shares vital information for candidates looking to present themselves better professionally, identify what equity looks like to them, and gain the confidence to negotiate for better pay. Alysha also drops a few gems for entrepreneurs and business owners looking to develop an "exit plan" to leave their 9-5 and make their business their full-time role! To view the full blog post, click here.


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